Ministries: Home and Abroad

Humbervale Park is a place full of learning, fellowship, and opportunity. We pray that our ministries will help you and others grow closer to Jesus, our Saviour.
With your help and support, we can reach those in our community that feel as though there is no hope. With the love and power of the Holy Spirit, we can help in His mission to lead all to Christ.
See our ministries below and how you can get involved.

In-House Ministries

Humbervale Park Baptist Church - Kids Ministry

Humbervale Kids

Children’s ministry has a special place in the heart of HPBC. Our goal is not only to help your child grow spiritually through the programs we offer, but by God’s grace, deepen each child’s personal relationship with Jesus. We currently offer:​

  • a Jr. church program for children ages 3-7 years during the Sunday worship service

  • Nursery care for children ages 0-2 years

Special family and children’s events will be advertised on our main page. It’s our prayer that your child will be joining us soon!

Humbervale Youth

The HPBC Youth are a group of passionate middle-school and high-school students who meet together every Tuesday night from 7:00pm – 8:45pm. This is a time packed with fun games, learning and community building. Each Tuesday is led by a group of committed volunteers dedicated to sharing their experience with the Word of God. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

God’s Word speaks of the importance of gathering together as a faith community to learn from His Word,  pray for one another, and have fellowship. Wednesday night bible study is for all ages and takes place from 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

Women’s Group

Women play a vital role in the church, community and family. Here they gather to strengthen their love and faith in our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. The aim to share among other women the how important they are to their family, within relationships with others and to be examples of proper conduct according to God’s will for them. Sessions vary in dates and time. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

Men’s Group

God has a special and specific role and plan for men. They are to be spiritual leaders in their families, relationships and in public all while providing the necessities of their families. The men’s group meets to study God’s Word and use it to direct, teach and correct when necessary so we may be guided by the Holy Spirit to perform the will of God. Sessions vary in dates and time. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

German Seniors

In 1952, Humbervale Park Baptist Church was built and established by a group of God-loving Germans who had recently immigrated to Toronto. We as a church are still dedicated to embracing our German roots by providing opportunities for the German speakers in our community to meet frequently to discuss God’s Word in German, sing traditional worship, and gather for fellowship as believers. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

If you’re interested in practicing your English speaking skills, come join us as we walk through and study the Bible. Sessions are focused on reading and discussing portions of Scripture where participants can share their perspective and learn more about their faith. Lessons offer word descriptions and definitions, deeper investigation of key terms and concepts PLUS free coffee and treats.

Day and Time: Monday evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Please see our list of courses and events calendar for more informaiton.


The word ‘Praxis’ means the act of engaging, applying and exercising ideas. It means practice; as distinguished from theory. Praxis at Humbervale is a discipleship, accountability and Bible study group where members seek to live out the disciplines of our faith as they lead us into the practice of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In Praxis, we meet weekly in gender-specific small groups to exercise the edification of the Saints, the examination of the Scriptures, and the evangelization of the lost. The activities of the group will help us to practice intentional relationships with one another through confession, prayer, and loving accountability & encouragement.

Please see our list of courses for more informaiton.

Couples Bible Study

It is a pleasure to study the love of God with the person He has paired you with in this life. There is nothing better than coming closer to the LORD together. Couples get to share their experiences, challenges and victories in life with other couples seeking to be closer and devoted to Jesus. Sessions vary in dates and time. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

The Reversal (Young Adult Bible Study)

If you are seeking community, truth, and friendship, Reversal is the perfect place to be. This is another Bible study at Humbervale that is generally populated by our young adults, but all are welcome! The Reversal takes place on Friday nights from 7:15pm – 9:00pm. Please see our events calendar for more informaiton.

Homeless Supply Bags

HPBC is working in community and the surrounding areas to help bring basic supplies to the homeless and people in need.

One of our initiatives has been to prepare supply bags that are handed out to homeless members of our community. Our team members carry the bags and personally distribute them to the people they meet.

During this time we talk and pray for those individuals so that they know they have not been forgotten. We also offer assistance to bring these people to shelters and other centres where they can receive further help.

The Gathering (Men’s Social Bible Study)

Here is a chance for men of the church to gather together and discuss trending topics and how we as men of God must navigate through a secular world in biblical fashion. Various topics relating to men’s role in family, work and social circles are discussed, thankfully with the God’s Word at the center and heart of the conversation. Meetings take place on the second Saturday of each month. Please see our events calendar for more information.

Our Supported Local & Foreign Ministries

Ben Schroeder (Nigeria)

Ben Schroeder, one of Humbervale’s members, is currently serving as a missionary in Nigeria with SIM (Serving in Mission). SIM’s main purpose is to proclaim Christ, disciple the nations, and to love our neighbours. Ben has spent the last year immersing himself in the culture and empowering locals by discipling them and teaching them different trade skills.

White Cross

White Cross Mission is a ministry that Humbervale has been a part of for many years. White Cross works with the Compassionate Care ministry of the North American Baptist Conference (NAB) in Cameroon. Mainly comprised of NAB women, White Cross volunteers serve by cutting and sewing baby layettes (baby blanket, baby diaper, and baby jackets), rolling bandages, and providing sheets, pillow cases, hospital supplies, guest house supplies, and medical supplies to send to missionaries overseas.

Adam House Logo

Adam House

Adam House is a ministry located in the city of Toronto that provides refugee claimants with clean and safe living accommodations. Most of all, Adam House acts a home, a safe place for refugees to find friendship, support, and the hope of Jesus Christ. It is a place where refugees can find a hope for their future.

Pregnancy Care Centre - Logo

Pregnancy Care Centre

The Pregnancy Care Centre is a ministry dedicated to supporting women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. They provide support for both men and women in various capacities with the ultimate goal of leading others closer to Christ and revealing that each life is cherished by Him.

Mission Thrift Store

Mission Thrift Store is a volunteer-driven, non-denominational Christian organization that currently operates more than 50 thrift stores across Canada.

We provide used goods in a department store-like experience for value-conscious shoppers, who can find deals they can feel good about. Our stores convert donated goods into cash, and the net revenue is devoted to the joint ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada to support leadership and literacy programs in over 43 countries — giving people access to the life-giving, life-changing, Word of God.

Staff and volunteers believe there is a deeper purpose to everything in life, including shopping. Our mission is to save you money, save the planet and tell the world about the saving work of Christ.


Regeneration Outreach Community started as a “living room for those without a living room,” a safe and caring space for the homeless and vulnerable. Centered around caring relationships, Regeneration sought to meet both the practical and spiritual needs of guests, even if that just meant a cup of coffee and a listening ear.

Regeneration had a number of homes before Grace United Church stepped up and a long-term lease was established. In 2011, the Regeneration offices officially opened.

Since then, Regeneration has seen tremendous growth, adding several new programs and services in order to meet the growing need in our community. What used to be a four-day breakfast program has multiplied into several life-giving programs offered each day, 365 days a year, so that struggling people can build hope for tomorrow.

One comment from a guest encompasses everything Regeneration strives to provide: “Thanks for the place to be.”

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